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Hello everyone! This is a wiki for writing all your depressing and/or sad stories. Stories about suicide. Stories about death. Or just stories about dangerous plights and adversaries. Just click that little button saying "Create Page" and get started!

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For the first time ever in Sinister Fanfiction, we have a tie! The Plight is a story about Cyrilax, a boy with the reincarnated spirit of a God, who embarks on a life-changing adventure; A Night to Remember is the gruesomely chilling one-shot that portrays a more violent and vividly described prom scene from Carrie. These were written by Silverspark and Crystal. Congrats, Silver and Crystal! The Plight of Cyrilax/A Night to Remember

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"Sin never dies, Susan D. Snell... you should've known that." -- Carrie confronting Sue from Bound

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